Dear 1050 Arastradero colleagues,

We have noticed an increase in the amount of deliveries accumulating at the front entrances of both buildings. Please ensure that you retrieve your packages left at the front entrance in a timely manner to ensure the paths of egress remain clear.

Thank you,

Evan Conway (he/him/his)
Research Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Operations – OFPM
C: (650) 739-9476


Hello SRP community,

Our vivarium at 3174 is open.

If you have animals at another location or main campus and would like to move your colony to our new location, please click below for contact information.


Fedex has a new procedure in effect starting today.

If you need to order a pickup via Fedex, click below for the contact.



3174 Porter occupants – If your lab is currently or will be generating chemical (hazardous) waste, please contact Chris Craig ( from EH&S’ Environmental Protection Program to discuss what types and approximate volumes of chemical wastes your lab will be producing.



Dear 1070 Arastradero Colleagues,

Operations and Maintenance technicians have discovered a failed component in the air conditioning system on the roof causing an A/C unit to unexpectedly shutdown. The shutdown of the unit has caused the temperatures to warm up on the 2nd floor, north side of the building. O&M technicians are securing parts for the urgent repair and working to bring the system back into service as soon as possible.

An update shall be provided as the situation develops.

We appreciate your understanding under this unforeseen circumstance.


Dear 1651 Page Mill & 3373 Hillview,

One of our researchers spoke with the Linde Plant Manager at the SOM loading dock.  The Linde Plant Manager is confident that they can supply us with nitrogen by using what they have in the area and close by until their plant is repaired.

Kyle Riesenberg
Health and Safety Manager
Safety and Emergency Management  – OFPM

Upcoming Maintenance Rescheduled


Dear 1651 Page Mill colleagues,
Due to a scheduling conflict, we have rescheduled this installation to begin on Monday, June 3rd.

DATE: Monday, June 3rd – Friday, June 14th

IMPACT – Minor: Autoclave/Glass Wash Room 0102 will be closed during this time.

SAFETY IMPACT: Please remain aware of STERIS and AGC contractors working in the area.

Upcoming Maintenance

Dear 3145 Porter DR.  Colleagues,

The Office of Facilities Planning & Management will be supporting Cushman & Wakefield Property Management with exterior paint project and exterior building repairs associated with 3145 Porter DR.  buildings {A Through F}.

WHEN: Monday, June 3rd – Saturday, July 20th
WHERE: 3145 Porter DR. buildings A Through F
IMPACT: Please be mindful of repair equipment and personnel throughout exterior of buildings on schedule dates

Upcoming Event

Active Motif Seminars

WHEN: Wednesday, June 5th, 10:30am – 1:00pm
WHERE: 3145 Porter Drive D110, Palo Alto, CA

Are you interested in epigenetics research but not sure where to start? Do you need to improve the quality or sensitivity of your epigenetic data? The leading epigenetic research company, Active Motif will be hosting 2 FREE seminars on Wednesday, June 5th at Stanford Research Park: 3145 Porter Drive D110, Palo Alto, CA

Upcoming Event


WHEN: Thursday, June 6, 3pm – 6:30pm

WHERE:Stanford Research Park,
3145 Porter Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Join us, in partnership with Singular Genomics, Miltenyi Biotec, andDeNovix, for an engaging afternoon of Single Cell and Spatial Biologywhere our speakers present the results of a morphogen arrayed screenapproach in human neural organoids.

Upcoming Event

Stanford Medicine Story Rounds

WHEN: Thursday, June 6th, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
WHERE: Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center

Stanford Medicine Story Rounds are live events featuring true, spoken stories about life as a Stanford doctor: the ups, the downs, and the moments of transcendent joy and meaning. These deeply moving events offer a safe environment in which to share our authentic experiences with colleagues — the kinds of deeply personal stories you wouldn’t hear in the lounge or the lunchroom.

Upcoming Event

Jeremy Goettel, PhD

WHEN: Monday, June 17th at 2pm
WHERE:Center for Academic Medicine – Grand Rounds (453 Quarry Rd)

Please join us for an upcoming Research Seminar hosted by the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Center for IBD and Celiac Disease. Lunch provided.

Upcoming Maintenance

Dear 3172 Porter colleagues,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we needed to push this work to primarily occur on Tuesday, June 11th. The rest of the timeline will shift by one week.

The Office of Facilities Planning and Management will slightly alter the loading dock to ensure safer delivery of large dewars and tanks to the building from Tuesday, June 4th until Friday, June 7th. The loading dock and ramp will be closed while we perform the work. 

WHEN: Tuesday, June 11th 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM
WHERE: 3172 Porter Dr.

Upcoming Maintenance

Dear Colleagues,

In our efforts to improve the 1050 A & B  Arastradero Buildings’ HVAC Infrastructure, the Office of Facilities Planning and Management is replacing the aging Heating Hot Water Boilers.
This will require THREE(3) SHUTDOWNS of the HEATING SYSTEM, please see the following tentative schedule and impact.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 11, 8 – 10 AM, Tuesday, July 9, 8 AM – 6 PM, Monday, July 15, 8 – 10 AM
WHERE:1050 A & B  Arastradero Building
IMPACT: Construction will take place inside the Basement Mechanical Room and will require Shutdowns of the HHW System and Natural Gas Supply.

stanford school of medicine at

stanford research park

stanford school of medicine at stanford research park


We empower leading scientists to realize the exciting potential of translational research.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to be the ideal destination for life sciences research in an environment that fosters learning and well-being.

SoM Operations in SRP

The SRP Operations Team in the Office of Facilities Planning & Management serves SoM personnel based in SRP, providing a sense of community to SoM colleagues and ensuring their operational needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Stanford Research Park

Stanford Research Park (SRP) was established in 1951. The world’s first university research park, the site has been called “an engine for Silicon Valley”. SRP is spread over 700 acres, bordered by Page Mill Road, El Camino Real, Foothill Expressway, and Arastradero Road. Its 79 buildings include 10 million square feet of real estate and house more than 150 different companies, including biotech and tech firms, and their 29,000 employees. 

Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford Research Park

Stanford University School of Medicine (SoM) occupies 15 buildings in SRP, at a total of 1 million square feet. SoM’s space in SRP represents one-third of the school’s total research square footage and is home to basic and clinical researchers.

srp news

srp news

Second cyclotron and radiochemistry facility opens in Stanford Research Park

On January 31, 2024 Radiology celebrated a significant milestone in the opening of its second Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Facility (CRF) in the Stanford Research Park (SRP) at 1701 Page Mill Rd.

How California is taking on inequity for Black patients during pregnancy, childbirth

Across the United States, Black women are three to four times as likely as their white peers to experience life-threatening pregnancy complications or die giving birth. Given that the U.S. maternal mortality rate of 32 deaths per 100,000 live births is 10 times higher than that in countries with the lowest rates of maternal death, the inequity is setting off public health alarms.

New policy is taking sexual orientation, gender out of blood donor equation

In a reversal of a decades-long practice that many in the LGBTQ+ community labeled discriminatory, Stanford Blood Center (SBC) will join others around the U.S. in implementing a new policy making it easier for gay and bisexual men, and women who have sex with bisexual men, to donate blood.